Why am I pouring my heart, time, and finances into this site?

The goal of this site is mainly to offer a resource to my martial arts students.  After a while I thought, “Why not make this information open to those outside my student base?”.

My second goal is to educate myself.  There is a lot I don’t know, and I’m motivated by the fact that many of these great instructors are getting up there in age (sorry Sir’s!).  I trained privately for a short time with Sifu Hartsell and when he passed, I was like – “Damn – I wish I would have asked him this or that…”.

Thirdly, I have two young sons, and I would love to have a resource for them too.  Just like my students, I want them to hear the stories, lessons, and tips right from the “horse’s mouth”, so to speak.

You’ll note that I have a very, very wide spectrum of JKD Instructors and related Experts in these issues.  If you’re a hardcore JKD follower, I doubt you’ll agree with everything every instructor says in here… and that is ok.  It is actually what I wanted.  Not to create tension or infighting, but to create a simple resource where people can explore.  I know… what a concept.  Therefore, any emails sent to me Instructor bashing, I simply delete, therefore don’t bother.

There is sometimes a fine line between truly seeking the truth and being judgmental.  It is important we all respect each other’s point of view and experiences.  One of my “sub goals” was to provoke thought.  As you get introduced to some of my training products,you’ll find that what I teach may differ greatly from what some of my very well respected guests teach… but that once again is ok.  Within this beautiful gift of martial arts, find what works well for you, in your own arena.  Does bashing someone really make YOU better?

Before I interview these experts I always ask to stay away from the political stuff… and everyone is happy to oblige.  I’m finding out that once the political stuff is put aside real growth can occur.  It is my experience that ego stops growth… and I’m sure I’ve been guilty of this in the past… and sadly even from present time to time.  The challenge is to still respectfully ask the important questions, and get integrity based answers.  Everyone’s viewpoint has merit, however “incorrect” you think it is, and I leave that up to you to make that decision for yourself.

With the help of these great instructors… Let me add great people… I believe I have given you an opportunity to see many different perspectives coming off of a great man in his own right, Bruce Lee.  The small fee I charge to let you peek inside the minds of these great experts is nominal, and doesn’t come close to fully reimbursing my time and investment.  However, this is my love and my passion, and I’m happy to share it with you.  Enjoy what these people have to share.

Matt Numrich